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Only adults (18 years or older) are allowed to use this platform.

Only interested applicants are allowed to enter information.

Privacy laws forbid third parties to edit forms or distribute information, unless authorized by a legal representative.

Applicants can edit or correct their information at any time by logging in to their account.

Usernames and passwords are only known to the system and the applicant. Therefore, they must be kept in a safe place that is only accessible to the applicant. At the first login users will be asked to create a new password. This password will have to be changed every three months.

Applicant are only allowed to share information with a third party member if they are given explicit authorization.

We ask applicants to keep their information in our system up to date. Keep in mind that:

Our company will NOT consider an applicant for hire whose information has not been updated for over 12 months and only their name, contact details and generic indication of the position of interest may be used to solicitude updated information.;

The applicant's records will be deleted from our database after 24 months of inactivity.




a) data and information provided by the applicant, delegated personnel or authorized personnel in registry forms, updated information, etc.);

b) data in public registers, lists, deeds or documents that are open to the public;

c) data that becomes known during the course of any applicant interviews or background checks and, if necessary, during any assessment of psycho-physical fitness for the job (eg: subjective evaluations of selection personnel and, when necessary, certifications / certifications of suitability) issued in a presumptive phase by an authorized doctor.

Data which may also be included if relevant, is that of or relating to criminal convictions and offenses and / or particular categories of data such as: personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical affiliations, or union membership, as well as processed genetic data, biometric data intended to uniquely identify a physical person, data related to the health, sexual life or sexual orientation of the person. This data, mentioned in point 1, may be attributable to these categories:

- The manifestation of the cases provided for by the law, of conscientious objection;

- Joining parties, trade unions, associations or organizations of a political or trade union nature,

- Data collected with reference to illnesses including professional illness, disability, infirmity, psychophysical fitness to perform certain duties or belonging to protected categories.

The above data can be processed at any time in relation to the purposes indicated below:

- As necessary for the implementation of pre-contractual measures adopted at the request of the party concerned

- As they are made manifestly public by the interested party,

- Pursuit of a legitimate interest of the data controller consisting in the protection of the assets and in the correct process of selection and verification of the declarations made (in particular with reference to the purposes referred to in the following point 3 sections b, c and d)

- As they come from public registers accessible to anyone;

- Because it is necessary to assert or defend a right in court or to assess whether there is a need to be used in a judicial defense

- Having the interested party express their consent, (particularly in relation to the treatment of some particular categories of personal data not already contained in the information sent by the candidate, and for the possibility of transmitting data to other subjects and having regard to the methods of processing described below and for any further storage with respect to the terms indicated below)



Recruitment and updating of data are carried out mainly through the data subject or persons acting on their behalf or authorized by them (eg: family members, personal selection agencies, schools / training persons, associations, etc.) or from publicized sources, in some cases by previous employers or reference persons indicated by the applicant.



The processing of personal data will have the following purposes:

a. evaluation of the candidate for the purpose of possible employment, even if not in an employment relationship, also by affiliated and / or controlled companies

b. conservation and insertion in a database also managed on behalf of companies linked by Human Company and Mercato Centrale Firenze S.r.l. for possible future employment also not in the employment relationship (ES: occasional collaborations, etc)

c. verification of the completeness and accuracy of the data reported by the applicant;

d. integration of information conferred by the interested party by drawing from public registers, lists, deeds or documents that can be known by anyone, also available on the web / internet, verifying the reliability, credibility and likelihood all this always in reference to the candidate's professional attitude and characteristics / data that affect the manner in which the work is carried out or which constitute an essential and determining requirement for the performance of the task / task for which the applicant is evaluated.



In relation to the aforementioned purposes, the processing of personal data may be carried out using paper, computerized and telematic tools and will include all operations or set of operations necessary for the processing in question, including communications in the areas referred to in this document and any verification of accuracy of data indicated on the applicants resume by the interested party; guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality, pertinence and not excess with respect to the purposes described above.

Even if the candidate is not immediately selected, the above data will be retained, at any time for the purpose of selection, for a period limited to 24 months following the last contact with the interested party bearing in mind that after 12 months from last update, only the name, contact details and generic indication of the position of interest will be used in order to request the data subject to update the data and confirm their availability.



For the same purposes, the data may be processed by the following categories of persons in charge and / or responsible:

- Personnel of the Human Resources Department of the Central Market Florence S.r.l, Central Market Roma Termini srl, AI Banchi srl; of the Human Company srl

- Managers and coordinators of the Director / Function / Office / Business Unit interested in the candidate's profile.

- Resources (internal and external) to which the management and maintenance of IT systems is delegated

- Companies / consultants appointed to carry out selection or verification activities on behalf of the owner


- Personal data relating to the applicant in question may be shared with:

- affiliated companies / companies (belonging to the Human Company Group more information on at any time for the purpose of selecting personnel for possible employment, even if not in an employment relationship and for the purposes referred to at the previous point 3.

- Companies / consultants responsible for carrying out verification and selection activities on behalf of the company.

Naturally, the sharing described above are limited only to the data necessary for the company to perform their duties and / or to achieve goals related to the sharing itself. Permanently referable to what is reported in the previous point 3, the data will not be disclosed.

6.1 Transfer abroad

The data may be transferred exclusively to the countries in which the workplace is located for which the interested party has expressed their interest, however, only sites within the European Union.



The sharing and updating of your data has an optional nature, as well as the confirmation of the required consent.



The data holders are: Mercato Centrale Firenze Srl, Central Market Roma Termini Srl, Ai Banchi Srl, Elite Vancanze Gestioni Srl, and its subsidiaries and affiliates: Figline Agriturismo Srll, Elite Firenze Gestioni Srl, Rome Camping Srl, Elite Livorno Gestioni Srl, Elite Veneto Gestioni Srl, Delta Srl, Rome Gestioni Srl Variete S.r.l., La Quarta S.r.l., ECV Shops S.r.l., ECV Services S.c.r.l., Adak Italia S.r.l., Plus Prague S.r.o, Plus Berlin G.m.b.h ..



The interested party has the right:

- To ask the data controller to access personal data and to correct or cancel data or limit the processing of personal data concerning them and to oppose their treatment,

- If the processing is carried out by automated means (computerized) and on the basis of their consent, to receive, in a structured format, in common and automatic way, personal data concerning him / her and / or to obtain direct transmission to another data controller, if technically feasible

- To revoke their consent at any time (without prejudice to the lawfulness of the treatment based on consent before revocation), for treatments carried out on the basis of this assumption

- To propose a complaint to a supervisory authority: Guarantor for the protection of personal data - Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121 00186 ROME - Fax: (+39) 06.69677.3785 - Telephone switchboard: (+39) 06.696771 - E-mail: - certified mail

To assert your rights, you can contact the Mercato Centrale Firenze Srl, with registered office in Florence - P.zza Del Mercato s.n.c., C.F. and VAT number 06315160488 - by sending a written request by registered letter rr or by writing an e-mail to; or to ECV Servizi S.c.r.l. based in Viale Generale del Chiesa 13 50136 in Florence - by sending a written request by registered letter rr or by writing an e-mail to:

Finally, the Candidate is invited to periodically update their data bearing in mind that:

- The Company will NOT take into account, for the purposes of selection, information that has not been updated for more than 12 months and that, as mentioned above, after this deadline, only the name, contact details and generic indication of the position of interest in order to request the data subject to update the data and confirm their availability;

- In any case, after 24 months from the last update by the applicant, your data may be deleted from the company's databases.

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