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Privacy notice


  1. Treatment’s holder

    IVG Colbachini S.p.A., as Treatment’s Holder, would like to inform You that the UE Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR below) regulates Personal Data’s protection in the same context  of its treatment.

    IVG Colbachini S.p.A. Data Treatment is based on the compliance with the principles of correctness, legality, transparency and need, so as to protect its rights.

    In this context, and as per Art. 13 od GDPR and legislative decree 196/2003, as applicable , we provide you the following information.

  2. Data sharing

    All the provided data, as well as by treatment’s Holder, will be shared by the following companies of IVG group, in order to consent you further contact opportunities too:

    • Rubber Pharm Srl – via San Benedetto, 41/B – 35037 Breasseo di Teolo (PD)
    • Industessile Spa – via Ponzimiglio 2 – 36047 Montegalda (VI)
    • MIB Italiana Spa – via Garibaldi 6 – 35020 Casalserugo (PD)
    • Silikoneurope Srl – via Savena, 13 – 40050 Loiano (BO)
    • Solera – Thermoform Group Spa – via Martiri della libertà, 21 -  50054 Fuccecchio (FI)
    • Transfer Gomma Srl – via Mattei, 5 – 35030 Saccolongo (PD)
  3. Treatment’s object

    The treatment that we intend to carry out involves Your Personal Data, as defined by the GDPR, that you will provide us or have provided us through the registration in our website ( or during an interview held with Human Resource’s office of IVG Colbachini Spa’s Companies, or collected by third parties (for instance, it will be possible to collect personal data, contact data and all type of information concerning the application through Social Media and platforms dedicated to/or research and selection companies etc.)

    All the personal data processed by us, typically held in a C.V. is defined by the  law common personal data. Further types of data (for ex. Data concerning to health, law, biometric, contractual and retributive situations) will be handled  in compliance with law prescriptions.

    In particular: potential data related to health and law will be handled to fulfill the aims and the requirements required by the law only for the duties described below:

  4. Treatment’s purposes

    Data’s treatment has the following purposes:

    • The execution of all the activities concerned with the research and the selection of the candidates and any other concerning and functional duty
      1. Instauration, managing and extinction of the contractual working  or training relation;

        Accomplishment to law’s obligations;

      2. The sending of your applications to those companies that are controlled by us and all the third and related Companies, for ex. Research and Selection’s Companies, Administrating Companies and Approved Institutions.

    Data’s providing for the aims here mentioned is compulsory. Its missing providing will prevent  IVG Colbachini S.p.A.  from the execution of the activities of personal research and selection, even for eventual compulsory placement form, and it won’t enable us to take into consideration Your application.

  5. Treatment’s procedure

    Data’s treatment will be realized as mentioned at art. 4 n. 2 GDPR, through the following options: collection, registration, organization, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, utilization, interconnection, removal or destruction of Data


    Your Data will be submitted to electronic, paper, and automatic treatment.


    Your Data, since its receipt/updating, will be held for a period equivalent to the treatment’s purpose mentioned at point 4 and however until the provided consent by the interested individual’s removal . For further explications about data period’s conservation, please write to


  6. Communication and Data Transfer

For the purposes mentioned at point 4, your  Data can be communicated by IVG Colbachini S.p.A. to third parties, among which consultants  and freelancers, Public Institutions, Revision and Supervision Institutes to carry out the duties coming from the Law, regulation, EC regulations or any other features regarding  the management and the execution of any other further jurisdictional relation


Your Data will be handled by the following individual:

  • IVG Colbachini’s employees who work as authorized individuals to the Data’s treatment in function of the fulfilled tasks and properly educated
  • External Controllers  as per art. 28 GDPR

External controllers’ list for Personal Data’s treatment is available at the head office  of IVG Colbachini S.p.A.

For all the purposes mentioned in the current policy Your Data can be communicated abroad too, inside and outside the EU, in the respect of the rights and the securities required from the current legislation, after a check that the concerning Country guarantees and “appropriate” level protection as per GDPR.

Interested individual’s rights

We underline that , ad “Interested Individual”, in any moment you can ask:

  1. Personal Data’s access
  2. Its rectification in case of any inaccuracy
  3. The removal of Your referable Data
  4. Handling’s limitation
  5. The right to refuse Your  Data’s treatment where there’s the possibility
  6. The right to the portability of Data, which means to receive the  provided Personal Data  in a common and intelligible form the automatic device

Regarding all those points that aren’t included in the here mentioned requirement we send you to the current Privacy policy and in particular to the art. 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21 of the GDPR.

Moreover, the “interested individual” in case his demands  aren’t accepted by the expected deadlines, has the right to make a complaint at the authorized Supervisory Authority (art. 13 par. 2 lett. D) of GDPR.

For further enlightenments about the current policy or about any other subject regarding Privacy, or in case you would like to pursue Your rights, please write at