Blubrake is an Italian Scale-up based in Milan. Blubrake is a multi-awarded Italian scale-up that develops, produce and market high-tech solutions for the new mobility market, especially e-bikes.

The e-bike market represents one of the main trends in the mobility industry, with a positive double digit CAGR per year and it is considered one of the solutions to solve the mobility issue in our cities, especially after the pandemic we experienced.

Blubrake’s first product is an anti-Lock and anti-roll-over brake system for e-bikes, already on the market with some of the top international OEMs. Joining blubrake you will enjoy a stimulating and rewarding role within a genuinely exciting and entrepreneurial business, where the common goal is to enhance the way we move: more enjoyable, more sustainable and safer. 

Junior Administrative Assistant // Blubrake - Protected categories ( L.68/99 )


  •  Manage active & passive billing cycle;
  • Check spreadsheets for accuracy;
  • Maintain digital and physical financial records;
  • Support budgeting and forecasting.

The ideal candidate, with 1-3 years’ experience in a similar position, has the following features: 

  •  Accounting diploma,
  • Excellent knowledge of basic bookkeeping procedures;
  • Familiarity with finance regulations;
  • Excellent knowledge of active/passive billing cycle;
  • Excellent knowledge of Office suite, in particular of Excel and PowerPoint tools;
  • Fluency in English.

We offer:

  • Full time contract
  • Compensation in line with organizational role and individual competences and experience
  • Fast and meritocratic professional growing
  • Company canteen

Belonging to protected categories according to Italian law 68/99 is absolutely necessary  

Resumes must include a proper written authorization for the treatment of personal identification data in accordance with GDPR (UE Regulation 2016/679).

Blubrake is an equal opportunity employer: this job posting is open to both sexes in accordance with the Italian legislative decree no. 198/2006.

Place of work: Milano, MI (Italy)
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